ALBACORE MEDITERRANEAN – albacore, garlic chips, and jalapenos. Served with special sauce.  $13.95

alb co.jpg

ALBACORE SASHIMI WITH CRISPY ONIONS – 7 piece albacore and fried onions, served with special ponzu sauce.  $14.50

CAJUN TUNA WITH FRESH SPINACH – seared 5 piece cajun tuna with garlic mushrooms, jalapeno slices, and fresh spinach with sweet ponzu.  $12.95


SPICY TUNA SASHIMI WITH AVOCADO – tuna, avocado, and green onions. Served with spicy sauce. (salmon or albacore available)  $14.50


sp medley.jpg

SPICY TUNA ALBACORE MEDLEY – spicy tuna, cucumber & sprouts wrapped with albacore & topped with crunchy flakes in spicy ponzu sauce.  $13.95

BLACK PEPPER ALBACORE CARPACCIO – seared black pepper albacore, with sesame oil vinegar sauce & Parmesan cheese.  $12.95

RAINBOW SASHIMI -avocado wrapped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, pepper albacore, albacore & cajun tuna.  $13.95

YELLOWTAIL YUZU SASHIMI – fried onions and jalapeno on yellowtail sashimi. Served with yuzu pepper & yuzu ponzu.  $12.95

RICE KRISPY SPICY TUNA – Spicy tuna on rice patty.  $5.85tar tar

CRISPY TUNA SESAME TAR TAR – mixed tuna, avocado, and onions on fried wantons.  $8.95

CHRONIC TACOS – cajun seared salmon or shrimp on fried wanton, with veggies & jalacado sauce.  $11.50

CAJUN TUNA SALSA SASHIMI – cajun seared tuna, with pico de gallo salsa.  $12.95yt jal.jpg

YELLOWTAIL JALAPENO – yellowtail sashimi with avocado, mustard vinegar & creamy jalapeno sauce.  $10.95

SEARED SPICY LETTUCE FISH WRAP – Your choice of tuna, salmon, or albacore.  $9.95

SEARED ALBACORE WITH SNOW CRAB – snow crab mixed with mayo, ginger-ponzu. Served with chopped wasabi on top.  $14.50